On this thanksgiving would like to detail, things I am thankful for.

  • Thankful for being able to build Viddler these last 4 years and focus on passion of online video.
  • Thankful for family, that keeps on loving me, no matter how far I am, or focused with work I have become.
  • Thankful for having worked the amazing Donna DeMarco, co-founder in Viddler, who has helped build a balanced Viddler and and an amazing family of her own at the same time.
  • Thankful for Poland engineering and fact that they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving so they will be able to watch over our servers.
  • Thankful for an incredible designer.
  • Thankful for every Viddler investor, employee, uploader, and viewer.
  • Thankful for a great girlfriend, Dana Fish, that understands why this Viddler obsession might be first thing I give thanks for at this point in my life.

Thankful for the few of you, reading this blog, taking the time to follow this adventure.


2 Responses to Things I am thankful for

  1. this autonomous helicopter or the fact that Engadget is embedding MIT video (which uses Viddler Business Services)…

  2. Chrisdown says:

    Doyle should be ashmaed of himself calling himself a traditionalists of bluegrass music. You never use a stupid electric bass and drum (give a break) in bluegrass music. What a sorry excuse of calling himself a traditionalist. You do not see other true grass groups down grading bluegrass as he is doing. Maybe he can receive a few of rap singers to be a component of the non bluegrass group. The circus will likely be coming through town in the few weeks. Maybe he can pickup a few clowns then. So So sad.

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