I am in love with my IBM Thinkpad keyboard and how much it saves your fingers. When your on your computer 10+ hours a day, efficiency is everything with the mac red nipple, saving moving hands on mac from keyboard to mouse 1000+ times a day.

There is one thing that is missing though when using it with OSX which is very annoying. What I am trying to get to work is the middle scroll key that you press and when pressing it it allows you to scroll up and down a website page or document. This is very important function for keyboard to work for me.

Alternatively a shortcut for scrolling (Ctrl-J) would be acceptable as well.

Apple OSX’s default keyboard mapping function is pretty simple and isn’t apparent howto get this to work.

If you have any ideas on howto get this to work, please let me know in comments below or @sandieman me on Twitter!


UPDATE: Smart Scroll fixed this problem for me. It’s a payed shareware application but worth it.


3 Responses to For Love of The Nipple

  1. Doah! You sucked me in with title. I feel so dirty….

    John P.

  2. I have the same problem but SmartScroll didn’t fix it. Would you mind sharing more info on how you made it work?

    Did it just work after you installed SmartScroll or did you have to configure it? I’m using evaluation version – maybe it only works after registering?

    For me that key just brings the dashboard and installing Smart Scroll didn’t change anything.

  3. SmartScroll worked for me.. restart computer, and if it’s still a problem, email the author of SmartScroll, he responds to his emails, and might be able to help.

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