Mixmaster Colin was up late last night and whipped up a 15second video subsite on Viddler.

It’s super awesome and already 20+ people leaving videos.

One technical request that will be bigtime for all future stuff we do like this is upon recording, automatically setting the permalink to the 15s.viddler.com/sandieman/3e8653be URL so it links back to the 15s site as apposed to Viddler.com/explore/..

Which would you prefer?

My first 15 seconds:


4 Responses to My First 15 Seconds

  1. Daynah says:

    I like the 15 seconds video idea! I still need to make a few of my own.. but slowly getting there. 😀

  2. Colin Devroe says:

    Setting the permaLink, as you probably know, can be done through our recorder now. I’ll make that update soon, nice tip!

  3. Mitch says:

    Hey Rob,

    I just want to thank you for helping me get my MJ video viral. You are the man!

    I will give you a huge shout out in my next video!

    All the best,

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