The iPhone is a very personable tool that I use to live. Now that it has been shattered I can’t help but feel the same way.

Broken Heart

This was a result of my first time ever dropping the phone.

I have had the iPhone 3G for less than a month. It was a two foot fall (slipped out of my hand) directly on it’s screen on cement.

I went to the Apple store in Whitehall, PA and they denied my request for a replacement, saying that a 2 foot drop is my fault and they apply the same rules to handhelds as they do computers.

My options: consist of $500 to get a new one or the $300 to refurbish. There is also the factory warranty voiding perfoming (not worth anything anyways) $5 plastic replacement.

I have heard stories of different Apple stores having different policies on replacing these. And the good thing is that I travel alot for Viddler. Over the next few weeks I am going to be in NYC, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, and I am going to try to find the cool Apple Genius that will replace this free of charge. I feel this is my only other option, asside from just dealing with it and joining a class action lawsuit.

If you can help out, and know a cool Apple Store Genius/employee, please email me:


5 Responses to iPhone Replacement Search

  1. kim says:

    would apple care have covered it?

    this scared me and i'm thinking of bucking up and spending the 70 bucks.


  2. Rob says:

    They told me Apple Care wouldn’t have covered this. No insurance plan offered by Apple or AT&T covers this right now.

  3. Christopher says:


    Major bummer!

    wow and that was the phone that was in the video with the spanish music lol….

    Btw.. thats BS that 2 foot is your fault I mean look at you your like 6 foot tall.. AN ACCIDENT is AN ACCIDENT in my eyes.. Stupid apple and their crappy products I am starting to see alot more ppl complain about apple and how crappy they treat ppl and how crappy their products are 🙁

    ~ Christopher ~

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