8 Responses to Getting Rid And Optimizing Twitter Options

  1. Tyson says:

    I found when i posted a HTML comment on viddler the html obviously come through on twitter and didnt really look that cool…

  2. justjason says:

    I said it there (Flickr) and I’m saying and clarifying it here:

    I’m thinking, get rid of all options and just have an “Announce on Twitter” checkbox on the uploader or within Twitter options. Even if it only said “uploaded a video to http://www.viddler.com/explore/justjason“.

    I do like the Add a video to my favorites option, keep that one.

  3. Colin Devroe says:

    You already know my vote, since I sent it as an internal memo – but – I will say that I think we should get rid of the tag, and receive comment notifications.

    I think the rest could stay.

  4. srcasm says:

    I definitely like the “Add a video to my favorites” option. As for how to the format, I would follow the KISS method… Just simply, “Uploaded a video to” or “Commented on” or “Favorited” (sp?).

  5. Raphael says:

    I let three options on:
    # Add a friend
    # Make a video public
    # Add a video to my favorites

    The second doesn’t mess the way Brandice told because my videos are set to ‘Private’ by default, and not to ‘Friends only’.

    The comment option is, IMHV, as much a good idea as a bad one… Good, because it is all video sharing communities are about. Bad, because if you comment a lot, your twitter stream will be ‘spammed’ by your viddler life… On the other hand, maybe a ‘video comment’-only notification would be nice, because it is kind of the Viddler added value to the video sharing world.

  6. Austin says:

    I did a video comment on this. I think that the more options the better, though i don’t use them or encourage others to use all of them. I don’t think that this is Viddlers fault if people are spamming with it. It isn’t like you have to hunt for the options when you add twitter to your profile.

    I do agree with some of the ones you are deeming unnecessary. Though add a friend might be worth keeping for those interested.

  7. Owen says:

    Ok, call me a heretic, but I don’t think that Viddler should be setting Twitter statuses at all.

    Remember that many people are getting these notifications on their phones, and that they’re not going to be able to see the videos there anyway. Plus, even if I’m using the computer, I don’t often have the bandwidth to drop everything I’m doing to go watch a video. I really think this is what RSS is for. Seriously, as much as I like Colin, I can only watch so many of his MeTodays.

    If you must notify your peers that you’ve recorded a new video, you should be able to decide which ones you notify for. I’ve added a couple of videos that I really wouldn’t want to broadcast about. If I had the option at upload/record time to notify, that’s when I would want to do it, not necessarily automatically on every video post.

  8. dwqdsw says:


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