Today we had a big spike due to being on frontpage of Jessica who could possibly be crlyhead11 was kind enough to use us in their latest review of Multiplicity. Really a useful product that I have tested out along with Synergy2.

Video has almost over 1M views already in first day and the servers are running faster then ever!

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  1. […] It’s been an amazing week as you may have seen Viddler on frontpage of  Well, thanks to Sarah Meyers, her latest video post on Viddler was embedded on Techcrunch 9 Recap At August Capital. […]

  2. Felipe says:

    I have both a VF and an XT SIM and can confirm the iessus stated above.Luckily, I use the VF line as my main one; but I do feel for the XT users here. It is quite annoying when such a simple thing isn’t going right. Reminds me of when I had to unlock’ and jailbreak the original iPhone for me to be able to use it on VF back in 2007.In a way this scenario also highlights how we don’t rely on remembering phone numbers anymore huh? I learned this the hard way (phone died, needed to make an emergency call, didn’t know the number) iOS 5 GM (9A334) is mostly stable in all other respects though, with new features to keep us entertained until the much needed UI refresh I love iOS but I can’t help but feel the look is getting stale One more thing Anyone who is experiencing a bit of lag with the iPhone keyboard in some applications? (this is very minimal delay but seems a tad slower if coming from iOS 4.x)(themrx has made 13 comments)

  3. busybizz says:

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