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Let me first say this event was eye opening. It was such a big event and the community was so strong that I am currently now investigating ways to move to Philadelphia (about an hour from Bethlehem, my current location).

Now for, why I now am in love with Philadelphia:

1. The Peeps

The amazingly awesome blogging celebrities at BlogPhiladelphia (in order of most photos on flickr) consisted of…

Scott McNulty – Official Philly Funny Man – PersonalForkYou.tvTUAW

An expert on food….

and on mac‘s…

an excellent listener…

and speaker..

and is super as he blogs everything,

althought I am not sure if he can dance…

I am pretty sure he funniest person imaginable.

Marisa McClellan – The Real Cook & Local Philly Foodie –

With a beautiful smile….

and excellent blogging skillz…

she just makes video blogging look easy!

Alex Hillman – Official Philly Community Working MasterMind – dangerouslyawesome

One of BlogPhiladelphia event masterminds….

been a big viddler fan since the start…

and as recorded is EXTREMELY passionate about Community.

Annie Heckenberger – BlogPhladelphia Marketing Extraodinaire – Social Media: The New Black

She is an amazingly fun person…

with the most amazing conference coordination skillz.

Geoff Dimasi – Winner of Most Awesome Office Award –

A mastermind in the Philly community…

works in the coolest office ever…

proudly wearing oldschoolz Viddler-T’s…

and is a most coolest person to get drunk and yell at cabbies.

Joe Sweeney – Half editor, half amazing- Phillebrity

He is a Philly blogger mastermind…

and an Amazing panel moderator.

2. The Mentality
Philadelphia was the city that built rocky for crying out loud. There is a strong sense of “we are the underdog and don’t give a ..” attitude as the much larger New York City is just an hours drive away. I think this attitude is very synonymous with Viddler’s situation (thank Dave Spears from for pointing this out).

3.  The Living Is Incredible
With rent twice as inexpensive as NYC and as  is morbidly described by my friend Jeff Mann, Philly is an incredible place to live….

4. Community
There are great people in any city. But the community that resides in Philadelphia is what sets it apart….. And now for photo montage (play some really cool music)…

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30 Responses to Blog Philadelphia Recap – Why I Must Move To Philadelphia

  1. Alex Hillman says:

    you'd best not be blowin' steam….we want Rob Sandie and Viddler in Philly!!

    Glad we made a killer impression on you, quite frankly you did the same on us. Your enthusiasm and charisma belong here. Even if you don't move down (but we're 100% supportive of it), I want you to work with us on being a part of the presence in this city.

    You think blogphilly was big? ain't seen NOTHIN' yet.

  2. Geoff DiMasi says:


    You rock!

    Come work out of our studio anytime…


  3. Marisa says:

    Aww, thanks for calling me a blog celebrity!

  4. […] Looking for more? Go see: Stellargirl • Blankbaby • Colin Devroe and Rob Sandie from Viddler • Startup or Bust • BlogPhiladelphia Wiki • BlogPhiladelphia flickr Pool • The Metro article (featuring JohnnyB and back of Bart’s head) […]

  5. Well done. And agreed, Scott is the belle-of-the-ball.

  6. That's a lot of pictures of me. Good thing I'm so goodlooking. 😉

    I don't know if I was the belle-of-the-ball but I sure had a good time!

  7. Rob says:

    @Scott – it's partially due to the fact that you rock and partially due to the fact that you search for blogphiladelphia on flickr and 9/10 results are YOU.


  8. […] Many of us have been preparing for this conference, since we had every intention of making this a special event. We wanted to show off our city, our community and our geekiness, if you will. I think we did a pretty good job of that as Rob Sandie of Viddler made pretty clear. […]

  9. What? No love my way? I’ve seen center city up close for 30 years now. Been video blogging the last 1 1/2 years. See you at Podcamp Philly?

  10. Dave Speers says:

    Alex Hillman and I have had many a heart felt conversation about this very topic. The theme of community in Philly always seems to boil down to this for me: Philly needs us, that’s why we we’re here. Anyone of us is talented and connected enough to get a cushy job in Silicon Valley or NY at the so called heart of the industry, but if we made that ‘strategic’ leap we would just be one more self promoting technocrat in a sea of ego and VC capital. Philly gives us something that Google billions can’t, a cause. Our city is in the middle of an identity crisis and craves true innovative leadership to lead it into it’s next and greatest Renaissance. Will she be forever known as Filthadelphia: a city of murders, corrupt politicians, and loser sports teams? Not if the people highlighted in this post have anything to do with it. They see something at the core of our community that the outside world can’t, and they’re excited about what they see. They see Philly; the philosophical home of Ben Franklin, the city of the first U.S. University/Zoo/Computer/Hospital etc, the city who’s greatest son’s and daughters are leveraging emerging technology and philosophies to heal and sculpt a city in limbo.

  11. Dave Speers says:

    Don’t Forget to bring Cdevroe with you!

  12. […] From projects evolving with the help of one another, to the city’s first large scale unconference, to a generous hat-tip in Wired Magazine (among many, many other bits of media scattered about the internet). […]

  13. […] It occurred to us that between her, Rob, and a bunch of other people considering moving down here, we should have some sort of move-to-the-city guide, best places to live, and a roomate/sublet exchange! […]

  14. kerri says:


    I'm trying to decide where to move. Live in Sarasota FL grew up in Minneapolis MN. Miss city life and cold weather (believe it or not). Single female no kids 30's. Good town to live in? Looking for a vibrant city – decent wages – good arts scene. Any opions on Philly for me? Thanks 🙂


  15. Idetrorce says:

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  28. Very good article, i had a lot of fun reading it. I'm glad you like our city. I've been born in Philly and i'm working as a lawyers here for more than 15 years. Hope you will enjoy your stay!

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