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Check out my latest dev center article at Adobe, formerly Macromedia, on Flash Media Server 2. What this article really demonstrates is the ability to step away from an XML approach. Also, as an added bonus for all of you that are clicking through or randomly viewing my blog can check out a working example (not posted on Adobe’s site):

Working Example

Adobe Article


Hope this article helps developers looking to build on the Flash platform. If you are looking for a customized solution please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email: rsandie (at)

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15 Responses to Flash Media Server with File Object

  1. MD says:

    So, the big question i can’t answer is…why are all the videos at places like YouTube such poor quality,out of synch audio/video very common, are they not using the “official” Flash encoder for the massive batches that come through?

    And what command line driven, or open API tools could be used to do on-demand high-trafficked encodes from various video formats?


  2. Rob says:

    There are two ways of delivering flash video. Progressive download and Streaming. Youtube, Google Video and others use progressive downloading which has a number of problems. Biggest problem is it relies on downloading the entire video onto the users temporary internet files. If you look at there business model, they are trying to deliver as cheaply as possible, cutting the margin for cheap delivery with advertisements.

    The “official” Flash Encoder is not made for command line batch encoding. FFMPEG is command line tool and what most of these services are using to encode because it’s free.

  3. Richard says:

    Hi, I am very very new to Flash Media Server, I just installed FMS trial version, and I have couple of FLV files on my web site, is there any simple step by step tutorial on how to stream those videos, or can you please simplify the steps on how to just stream those videos on demand (by click the links on web page). Thanks a lot!

  4. Asai says:

    Hi Robert,
    Thanks for your excellent File Object article. However, is it possible (using the developer edition of FMS2) to have FMS play streams which are not in “applications\FileObj\streams\_definst_”? I’m trying to set up a development environment in house which mirrors our real server, so I’d rather have all my streaming files in their proper places like they are on the actual server.
    I’ve been able to get the DataGrid to populate the list with the right files, but they do not play back when selected. As far as I know, the correct .asc files are in place, and the vhost and application .xml files are configured correctly and in their proper folders.
    Would activating the Professional edition with the license key solve this problem?

  5. Asai says:

    Actually, let me correct that that should be: “Is is possible to have FMS play streams which are not in “applications\MyCollection\streams\_definst_?”

  6. Hi Asai,

    To point to anywhere else inside of MyCollections would simply require editing Application.xml & vHost.xml. There would would change the reference to where you are storing your “MyCollection” of video.

    Hope that helps.

  7. ilanb says:


    On linux debian, what is the path fot approot in the vhost.xml, I have tried this :

    approot; /opt/macromedia/fms/applications/MyCollection/streams/_definst_/

    But dont work, my fms2 is installed in var/www/fms/applications…


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