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Software, Vision, and Fun was what the 2005 MAX conference was all about. To recap let me describe each of the days and my experiences.

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Saturday – Flight & Workflow

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Met Jason from Artwork systems on the plane ride from Chicago to Orange County. There he showed me off his Enterprise Solution for Photo Editing.

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Companies like Time Warner use this Artwork-Systems to print & manage workflows. To demonstrate software he had to show me his software encryption via a Hardware USB Key. This tool needs to be created for Flash Video.

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This is a solution commonly used for expensive systems with a small audience.

Sunday – Flash Video

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This was one of the most educational days regarding Flash Video. Kevin Towes of YYZ New Toronto group gave an exceptional hands-on full day session “Creating Interactive Video Experiences with Flash”. If you are looking for a Flash Video consultant, Kevin has been working with Flash Video before Flash Communication Server 1.0 was even released. Simply a rock star when it comes to Flash Video. One of his first examples was showing how Microsoft uses Flash Video when experience matters. The rest of the day was spent digesting new techniques he offered integrating Flash Video into self-built components. Highly interactive, very beneficial.

Monday – More Flash Video & Masses Arrive

Monday morning attended Tim O’Hare’s session describing his best practices in the creation of He talked about how Scripps Networks was monitizing Flash Video. He confirmed by using Akamai in conjunction with Lightning Cast (pre-rolled streaming video advertisement company) and Omniture that deliverying Flash Video is very profitable for them. A few technical Best Practices he mentioned are:

  • Common Naming: episodeID_s400x300__b480.flv
  • Multiple Browser can create confusion in Flash – Use Java Script to create unique ID
  • getURL() – excellent function to pass advertisements and video streams
  • asfunction protocol – good for passing Flash Video parameter values

After this excellent hour long session went to a Flex demonstration. Was very in depth and most the information went over my head.

The Key Note was highlighted by Kevin Lynch & Stephen Elop. Craig Goodman and the rest of the Dev Center Team have put up informormation on the MAX Conference and a very nice Overview of Day 1.

The amazing thing was the amount of people at the conference. People from all over the world were attending the individual conferences. Flash, Flex, Dreamweaver, & Coldfusion programmers alike where all in attendance.

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Tuesday – Learning, Keynotes, & Fun!

The morning started out with Branden Purcell who gave a superb intro to Flash Video. Went into great depth on the new features and functions in Flash Video in a detailed powerpoint. Also used some great sample material.

Jeremy Allaire gave an excellent presentation at the Keynote on monetizing Flash Video. Looks like Brightcove is going to be releasing a Rich Internet Application to easily (a simple embed code) connect Video Keyholders with an online revenue stream. Will it do for Online Video what Google Adsense did for blogging and release of information?

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A few more sessions and I the entire MAX conference was off to Disney’s California Adventure.

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There was no lines, all Macromedia die-hards and free food and drinks. It got a little crazy. In fact the only lines where to get in the Male bathroom. Only at a Software Conference!

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Steve Wolkoff, our awesome new FMS PM from DoubleClick, and I went on California Screamin with a very short line one to many times. A picture on the way up!

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Wednesday – Last Day of Conference

Spent most of the day recovering and preparing for events on Thursday. One thing that did stand today was this guy:

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He was getting his shoes shined while on his laptop. AWESOME! If I had been wearing shoes to shine I would have joined him with my laptop, and if he had IM open, would have IMed him.


Macromedia did a great job with the keynotes and individual speakers. Met some amazing people, had some great food, and will take a while to fully digest all the information. Was well worth the time away from school and definately look forward to attending next year!

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