Here is the summary of my presentation for Entrepreneurship class in bulleted format (hopefully my plan to record this will work and can put up)

Public Facing Website
– Online Business Card
– Portfolio, About Us, and Objective
– If in doubt use white background
– Be Simple
– Come up with content then categorize
– Time is money. So don’t waste it!
– Content, Content, Content.
– Lehigh has a guide for using 3rd party applications and setting up AFS space

Internal Entrepreneurship/PM Tools
WikiWakka – Add with double click
– Newsfeed Support
phpBB – used before, great way to record if attaching documents
– Supports popular database servers
– Unlimited forums and posts
– Multiple language interface
– Private or public forums
– Powerful search utility
– PrivaSte messaging system
BaseCampHQ – Great for Project Management Outside Group
Other Free Project Management Tools
– dotProject
Many More

Viral Public Facing Websites
– Informal method of talking to your customer
– Adding Content is easy for all group members.
– WordPress is personal favorite

That’s great, but What do I do?

Based on your skill set and needs here are a few of my suggestions.
No Technology Needed:
Setup HTML site with AFS Space and tutorial.
Buy a domain name at GoDaddy if serious

You know how to upload to FTP
Cheap and Unreliable PHP Hosting = $60 a year = $12 a member for the semester
Website & Project Management Software

Technology Startup
Public Hi-end hosting Sevice
Public Group Blog
Setup a BaseCampHQ account for external projects

At the End of the Day
It’s about getting it done. Too much management at an early stage can be a bad thing. These are my best practices and have changed at least once a semester. The important thing is to be efficient and to use them as a team.

Other Good Resources:

Entrepreneurs Guide to Software.’s Web Publishing Tips
Paul Graham – How to start a startup – for technical companies
Website Best Practices

Godaddy Website – inexpensive hosting

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