By now it’s no secret that I have been working on with my good friend Todd. For the next few months we are working with some select customers rethinking the entire video management paradigm.  Would love to tell more publicly, but going to keep our heads down till the right moment. If you wish to discuss privately, my new email is r at



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  1. JLG says:

    OH MY GOD – Sandie is now a zen budhist – i.e. he is wearing a farmer John plaid shirt and molesting a starbucks cup in the pic to the right

    • sandieman says:

      That is a real life photo of Coder Rob. He practices Zen but only to forget answers that he solves that MIT professors post on blackboards, just to keep them challenging.

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  4. stepler716 says:

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  5. I have been looking all over for this website…i believed I had bookmarked it a week ago but could not find it and it was a pain to get your blog once again.

  6. It has been a wild ride so far, with interest and customers from most all the YouTube networks, traditional studios, and anyone making a livelihood on YouTube.

  7. selectgender says:

    just checked the vidIQ site. It looks interesting and i have bookmarked the site for future use.

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