Have been thinking long and hard how I share this.

For the last 6 years I have been sacrificing to grow Viddler to point it is at today: profitable, 25+ employees and growing.

It’s been a journey that has included: sleepless nights, building brand awareness, promoting other brands, organizing server growthpitching, organizing capture of viral videos, attracting customers, thuggie promotion, mockups galore, product management.. you name it.. all with 3 months of capital invested at a time out of Bethlehem, PA .

Two weeks ago, the board notified that my services were no longer required. Will still be a highly invested board member (update: resigned week or two after for personal reasons) but my role operationally as CEO/President is no longer. It put’s me in an interesting position as this wasn’t exactly voluntary. And a slew of questions have been keeping me up…

How much should I share on my removal?
It’s clear to me, I should probably keep my mouth shut. Am still a very large shareholder and it doesn’t do anyone any good to share my perceptions publicly with how/why this happened. This is hard for me as I am generally a very transparent person. I want to share the lessons I have learned from this. After the fate of Viddler is decided, I will probably be more public on lessons learned/etc.

What do I focus on next?
It’s very clear my primary passion still is in online video. All paths are pulling me in this direction, and will maintain an open mind with new opportunities here.

As much as I can try to justify it being in Bethlehem, PA doesn’t continue to make much sense. Am being pulled strongly a in direction of Silicon Valley. Will also be exploring opportunities out of NYC, Seattle, Philly, Chicago, Boston, Austin, and Denver. UPDATE: And as Jim reminded me can’t forget Reno!

Viddler was a long journey. Am excited for something new.

As Billy Disney (ex-viddler videographer) recently shared with me, “Time to get back to what you do best”


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