Dear President Obama –

Just watched 60 minutes, and have a quick comment:

As an Entrepreneur running a 20+ person, profitable, tech company: the logic around increasing $250k+ households from 33% to 36% hurting entrepreneurship and small business makes no sense to me as an entrepreneur in the process of growing a business.

Am personally no where near a $250k salary but if you told me that the government would take over 80% of my yearly revenue at $250k+, I would still do what I do because entrepreneurship isn’t about money, it’s about having the liberty to pursue something you’re passionate about. The government has provided a framework for me to do that and am appreciative for this. If it only means I have to pay 3% more at a much later date, so be it.

What has affected my startup, Viddler, that comes from the government has been the state ran organization: Ben Franklin Technology Partners, as they were one of our first investors. Viddler wouldn’t have existed without them.

Also, after reading much on different posts about the tax cuts, I know the upper-middle class has a different and valid opinion in expensive areas (NYC, Bay Area). Maybe you could figure a way to have it be more fair for households in expensive to live locations.




13 Responses to Dear Obama

  1. Josh says:

    Quite often large corporations moderate salary for employees based on their residence location. While employees in more expensive locations may command a higher salary there would be less incentive to live in those locations if salary became equivalent in less expensive locations.

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  9. Maazin67 says:

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