Over the last 5 years, have been focusing on building Viddler out of Bethlehem, PA. One thing that has taught me, if you are going to take the remote path, you need work extra hard to stay on top of your game. Going to conferences is an option but, expensive and takes time away from your business.

Luckily, online tools make it possible to continue sharpening your skills, even from afar. Problem with long podcasts like these, is you can easily waste your time if you aren’t picky with your podcast. If used wisely they are the perfect tools for in-between time (driving, flying, doing laundry, etc).

These are my 3 must-listen to  podcast resources:

  • This Week In Tech – For the essential tech news, rockstar Leo Laporte is an incredible host and always brings super intelligent guests.
  • This Week In Startups – Jason Calacanus does great job of bringing in incredible entrepreneurs and providing a mix of education/entertainment.
  • This Week In Venture Capital –  The venture space is changing every other month. Mark Suster does a great job bringing in the top VCs and Angel investors.

27 Responses to Staying Sharp with This Week In

  1. Casey Schorr says:

    Awesome post. I love podcasts too- haven't listened to any of these. Are you familiar with Stanford's Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Podcast? If so, how does it compare to these ones? The Stanford podcast is one of my favorites thus far.

  2. Ryan says:

    Mixergy is a good one too but sometimes its easier to just read the transcripts.

  3. If you like those, check out my interview with Paul Graham: http://mixergy.com/wp-content/audio/Mixergy-Y-Com

  4. bikinis uk says:

    The Stanford podcast is one of my favorites thus far.

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