In a recent strategic conversation someone recently said “wow, you guys should be marketing this more” when referring to # of customers, big accounts and profitability.

We do put much of this stuff on the blog and on Twitter but she was referring to the more traditional marketing techniques: Sponsoring events, parties, keynote speaking, press releases, email newsletters, etc.

This brought me to defend staying low key. Allow me to share reasons….

Benefits of Staying Low Key:
– Competition doesn’t pay attention (we have features implemented better then our competitors and they still haven’t caught up)
– You wouldn’t believe the amount of people buying into video hosting that don’t attend big shindig conferences or give two cents about press releases.
– Save time and money. What matters and what sells is usually how good your product is and how fast you are innovating. Also if your not spending a wild amount on marketing you can offer your customers with a more affordable product.
– Other companies do operate like this and succeed. For instance, has anyone seen Getclicky? Two guys building one of the best analytics toolset in the business. They are low key, no mainstream marketing strategy, and after investigating have a outrageous # of customers.

This isn’t to say we aren’t looking to improve our marketing strategy. Just a slight argument for staying under the radar.

And I will keep the company name I work for out of this, cause I know I have google alerts setup on our competition. 😉 #stayinglowkey


10 Responses to Being Low Key

  1. @ChrisTingom says:

    I have used Get Clicky in the past and it's really cool. Great product, almost easier to understand than Google's tool.

  2. Casey Schorr says:

    Rob, great post. If you can generate enough revenue and new customers to meet your internal goals (whatever they may be) while staying under the radar, then I think you've nailed it. As 37signals and DHH would say, a million dollars going straight into your bank account is a lot of money! You don't need fancy press releases, TechCrunch articles, and the like to get to single-digit millions in revenue with a healthy profit margin. No idea if you're above this or not, but…

    Bottom line I'm really glad you guys are doing great. Nice to hear!

    • sandieman says:

      Agree, but I kinda like Techcrunch, I think the limited exposure we have had on it has done more then similar stuff on USAToday. The typical buyer of Viddler is someone who reads techcrunch, handles the tech for a site, watches GaryVee, but this isn't everyone.

  3. Bottom line I'm really glad you guys are doing great. Nice to hear!

  4. And I will keep the company name I work for out of this, cause I know I have google alerts setup on our competition.

  5. Tracy says:

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  6. joshua says:

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