As a product guy, it’s been very apparent Myspace has been on it’s way out for many years, mainly due to it’s inability to innovate, and putting advertising efforts clearly ahead of it’s users.

When Jay Leno, a mainstream comedian, uses Myspace as center of a joke, it really questions the mainstream perspective on them.

Myspace is far from over though, and still has a chance to come back.

If I were over at myspace I would do two things to combat this before it’s too late:
What: Make it clear Myspace is going to change attitude on advertising, putting users first. Scrap all ad units and start over with more engaging campaigns. Reinvent itself.
How: Become socially transparent in this effort. Get feedback from users. Turn it into a conversation as apposed to a one way battle.

Update: NBC has pulled the commercial from it’s site. It used to be here and when you still google “Jay Leno new material” you will find it once existed on the site.  NBC and Myspace have a relationship on many levels, wouldn’t be suprised if someone asked for it to come down due to it hurting the relationship.


3 Responses to Jay Leno Pwns MySpace

  1. Good thing they pulled the video because otherwise I would have been lucky enough to read something along the lines of “This video is not available in your region.”

    Your ‘What’ and ‘How’ sounds spot on to me, Rob. A reinvention is the only way they’ll be able to scrape their way out of the grave that they dugg (get it ;)) themselves into.

    Twitter/myspace only has links; no conversation. It’s sad because I — and every one of my friends — used to invest so much time in to mySpace.

    Also, the mySpace links (…) need to go.

  2. David says:

    One thing that I have always loved about myspace is it’s reach into the music industry. Moreover, it might have been it’s saving grace all this time among other things. I say this because that’s all that brings me back to myspace–the music. Outside of that I find no use for it right now.

  3. George Green says:

    Your iPhone 6 Plus will slide around on a tilted surface due to the hard outer shell so be careful where you place it. The hard surface does make it easier to insert and remove from your pocket though.//n

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