Apple Failwhale @ Philly airport 

When the technical team learns how to set Mac OSX’s time correctly, Apple’s world takeover will be complete. As I tweeted while in an argument with Microsoft Zune guy at New Media Expo, Apple is overtaking Microsoft and all Microsoft is doing is trying to PR this puppy, and should be manning all resources on building a better next version.

And for those of you on Brightkite, I didn’t check into Philly and posted this in Las Vegas instead of Philly. Anyway to got back and fix this?

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12 Responses to Apple Fail @ Philly Airport

  1. Blad_Rnr says:

    This error has nothing to do with anyone not being able to set the time on a Mac running OS X. This is an error that happens when a Mac is booted up and the internal battery (CMOS) is dead and needs replaced. The internal battery keeps the time when any computer is shutdown from a power source.

    And yes, Apple is overtaking MSFT 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Ahh, internally battery dead? Must mean they are longtime mac users! Go Philly!

  3. George says:

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  4. George Green says:

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  5. Iha says:

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