Personally, I waited 15 minutes on the second day at an AT&T store but Justine is bringing to attention just how out of stock the iPhone’s are.

To all those on the fence, don’t jump over without thinking about it.

I travel a ton and recently switched from Verizon and can say AT&T sucks compared to Verizon’s network all across the United States.

Also, battery life when you are using it to it’s fullest limitations (3g, playing games, etc) is only 3 hours.

I have never spent more time worrying about battery power.

After feeling the switch over the last few weeks in 4 different states already on east and west coast, my conclusion is…

Having an iPhone is like living the life of a party animal. You have your high’s and your hangovers. One minute your listening to music, doing GPS with google maps, then the next you have no service, and battery has died.

It’s much different then consistent average life of an ordinary blackberry citizen that goes to bed everynight before 9pm 😉


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