iPhone Jonesing
The blackberry is great but, comeon, it’s not an iPhone. If Exchange support comes on as strong as they it will, I will probably have to make the move.

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6 Responses to Waiting on Exchange Support for iPhone

  1. Haha, I love the speech bubble in the froth.

  2. Jeff says:

    Is that the world edition? I had that and the curve but gave them back. I agree exchange support would be great for the iphone but I just log into webmail and say screw it.

    Nice photo, I just ran by there tonight, should have stopped in mid run.

  3. Daynah says:

    I wish I had an iphone too. 🙂 Or a Nokia N95. haha

  4. Kiving says:


  5. I am also waiting for the same service as I cannot afford to buy I phone 6+ but wanted up someone who exchange I Phone with mine one.

  6. Mahjong says:

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