At 2 in the morning in the middle of an allnighter.

I mean who doesn’t get this way?

It’s been a week since I posted this video. After I posted it, Brandice featured it on frontpage of Viddler. Randy Ksar said said some real nice things, and I even got like one or two diggs!

Upper-middle assistant management at viddler, inc has demanded that I stop these shenanigans and get back to work. It’s a good thing I have this blog to vent on outside “the system”.



11 Responses to I am crazy….

  1. Jason says:

    You’re an inspiration.


  2. ChrisClark says:

    Jason’s video comment is almost as cool as Rob’s original video. I love the “riding crop” bit near the beginning.

  3. Whitney Hess says:

    What does Jason’s wife think about this?

  4. ChrisClark says:

    This vid is not quite as bad-ass a lip-sync/lip-dub as the others, but I figured somebody might get a laugh out of it. I used to sing this song with my band all of the time.


  5. Clintus says:

    Loved this man, sometimes you just gotta.

  6. Torley says:

    Sweet, I found out about this via TubeMogul’s blog! GREAT video, I think it is fab you rock out like this, Robert. More people should! I found out what the song was too, and that adds to the kewelness of it all — Justice’s “DVNO” is a fave track of mine, hands-down!

  7. Jason says:

    Honestly, my wife laughed when she saw it and said, “You’re not gonna post that anywhere, are you?”

  8. Rob says:

    @Jason – amazing video dude. I love the use of hands. A+++

  9. Helen Steiner says:

    Great, I found out about this via Tube Mogul’s blog! Nice audiovisual, I think it is fab you rock out like this, Robert. More persons should! I found out what the track was too, and that enhances to the keenness of it all — Fairness's "DVNO" is a fava track of mine, hands-down! best website to buy an essay

  10. I am broken says:

    extraordinary that you are getting considerations from this bit of composing and in addition from our discourse set aside a few minutes.

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