For those of you that know me on Twitter, you know that I can be a pretty big “encourager” of Viddler.

Tracking my competitors and leading people to Viddler is something I do during the day that goes inline with my day-to-day workflow.

Recently, a good friend of mind, Clintus, was someone I gave a tough time, when he suggested the other video sites. We had that feature so I had to point it out. In any case, online friends in the video space rock. With TubeMogul integration and others I am starting to think more about “naturally” fitting in as apposed to forced encouragement. With improvements of technology like our simple player and Developers API and business model like advertising, things should be driven by the users and “best fit”. This is something that we have strive towards here at viddler, and will continue to with conviction in the near future.

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  1. LOL Awesome. YOU are the one who rocks sir. I will admit, it’s hard for me because I have friends that work for the 3 video hosting sites I use. And I love them all for different reasons. I posted a video a while back asking people how they choose which video service to use and which to post to their blog.

    When people ask which video site to use I always tell them the same thing, “it depends on your needs”. Each service is very different and each one has highs and lows. But they all will let you do the same thing; upload, tag, share, embed. After that it’s up to you what else you require.

    Viddler was the latest one for me to start using and I’ll admit, I haven’t spent as much time on the actual site as I would like. But I plan on changing that here soon.

    Keep up the good work man. You have a great place for video and a great team working with you. For me the people behind the service is just as important a the service it self. And you can give me a tough time anytime 🙂

  2. George Green says:

    These are the primary colors, but the lower hinge piece has a slightly different color to add a bit of style to the case. The dark red, looks like burgundy in real life, has a light maroon lower piece and edges.

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