This is a demonstration of our regular player vs. our newly developed simple player.

Nothing really public about this but if your clever enough to figure out how to hack this and us it, do it!

Simple Player
* Autoresizes player to appropriate dimensions
* No Instream Comments
* 40kb

Regular Player
* Comments/Tags = yes
* No automatic resizing

Let me know what you think, we are still testing and improving this!


15 Responses to Regular Player Vs. Simple Player

  1. geoffd says:

    I like having the simple player option. Very good work.

    I would echo atariboy's request. Hide the player during playback, if possible.

  2. Evan Sims says:

    This is /awesome/! Dig the smaller controls and simplified UI- I can definitely see that having some uses when instream comments aren’t as important. Nice job guys. 🙂

  3. Rob,

    I like it! I’ll be using it on a site where the videos need to look a bit more “professional”. Being able to hide the comments is great for my needs!

  4. I like the simple look. Good stuff!

    I’d love to see it go even further with a version where the controls are not visible at all except on mouse over & once you press play, it hides.

  5. Rob Sandie says:

    @atariboy that’s an interestin request, maybe we can make that an option with the viddler regular player?

  6. Vegasmac says:

    Yeah, agreed, it’s awesome! I also think that only displaying controls on mouse over would be a great feature. You may want to keep the Viddler logo in the bottom right though, it’s not obtrusive like controls are.

  7. I’ve been dreaming of the auto-resize feature ever since I’ve been making a few HD videos.

    I love having two choices. As Matthew Tietje said, the simple player looks more professional.

    I’d love to see the auto-resize feature make its way on to the regular player.

    I also agree about fading out the controls during playback; love that!

  8. Rob Sandie says:

    Jeez, all you guys say is hiding the controls. Tough crowd. No worries though, your request is my command. Give me some time to get on timeline.

  9. @Rob – I’d like the option on both players, but even more so, the new simple player.

    Hiding controls + video box that fits the video size is ideal to me. It equals a great simple feel.

    Thanks for being so receptive! 🙂

  10. Kaysha says:

    Oh, yeah that’s really neat…
    Especially for my music videos page…
    As for the rest, auto hide controls a la vimeo would be lovely

  11. How does the player look in comments?

  12. Rob says:

    Marshall it’s working!!!

  13. I’ve always been a fan of the simplier players. Giving this as an option will be awesome. Keep up the good work yo!

  14. George Green says:

    There are openings for the camera, ringer switch, Lightning port, headset jack, and speaker. The volume and power buttons are covered with buttons fit into the case itself.

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