Internetiquette: Viddler Etiquette

Brandice, an avid Viddler, makes some excellent points in her recent post on Internetiquette about Viddler.

She makes three good points:

Videos that are too long
We don’t have all day and she is right try to write down what you are going to say before you do it and don’t be afraid to whip out the editor!

Twitter Spam
We are in the process of getting rid of a few of these and optimizing. Thanks to Brandice, we now have solid backing to get rid of them!

Trickster Alerts
Sharing videos then making them public. I am guilty of this because I have people on my buddy list that only are subscribed to “Shared email alerts”. For a very long time, we had on the defaults to only email on Shared and so many people just don’t get the public emails. So it’s a tough one.

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