Recently, we at Viddler made a decision to start reporting our statistics to Quantcast. Not only does Quantcast monitor rank but it is soon to help with how much Video we are deliverying.

We knew that dependency on Alexa was not great, but after on-point Michael Arrington recently published that Alexa is reporting that Youtube is bigger then Google, it solidified our position for working with Quantcast.

My belief is that websites should be held responsible for reporting the amount of traffic, not people that install the Alexa toolbar.

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3 Responses to Reason Why Viddler (and others) are Reporting To Quantcast

  1. Colin Devroe says:

    I’ve never trusted Alexa. She’s a clever minx but a cruel mistress. Especially when dealing with video that gets published all over the web.

  2. What I don’t understand is how does Quantcast know statistics on who’s visiting a website? They break their stats into gender, salary, and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

  3. Priynka says:

    FAB DT samples … all so bfteaiuul! My link isn’t showing up in the Linky-Thingy, so I’ll link it here just in case.My card is on my blog located .I’ve had this unused tulip sticker thing for at least 5 years … maybe longer … and have tried to get rid of it … errr, use it … dozens of times in the past with no success.Thanks for a fun challenge!

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