As Techcrunch just announced, Everyones apparently gunning for Youtube.
As President of Viddler, one of my most asked questions is “What is Viddler answer for Youtube?” “How are we going to address the site with 66% market share?”

First of all, Youtube is not for everyone. I have received hundreds of messages from new Viddlers saying:

“With Youtube I was getting lost in the crowd”
“I felt like I was being put in a shrinkwrapped box”
“It was a very impersonal experience”

Our answer from Day 1 has been to be the community, and with that comes much devotion to them. Colin, spends unearthly amount of hours a day answering questions and messaging new users. I also make sure that I stay a daily poster and active Viddler , which people appreciate! How many sites in the top 10, have an active CEO/President visible and apparent on the site? They may have profiles, and a few “look at our company videos”, but how many are active community members?

Second, we learn from companies that have been successful outside of the Video space. Flickr for instance, grew to 6% market share in a year, not only because they had the best photo site out there, but because Caterina and Stewart were active with there community. There are stories of them messaging the first 30,000 signups. This is the attitude we are taking.

Third, we are building for our community. Every feature that we prototype design and have pending to implement is seen in video podcast via Viddler with the communities elite. It’s recently helped out with linkbacks and new uploader. Colin maintains a Viral Viddler Team, via mailing list, and have been able to bring other people into the fight.

Lastly, we don’t stand for piracy, which many other sites depend on it for there growth, we find no value in a LOST episode growing on It simply does not bring value to the community and simply costs a fortune in bandwidth.

So, Is Viddler gunning for Youtube?

Yes, we are looking to grow our stronger community and be a smashing hit with most video podcasters.

But No, we will not sacrifice community nor do what Youtube has done to accomplish this.


10 Responses to Is Viddler Gunning for Youtube?

  1. Rob, just became a member of Viddler today. I first saw some mention of it onthe Yahoo videoblogging group, then my brother in Dallas started to post on Viddler I had to really check it out. Best

  2. J. Bradford says:

    Every time I show Viddler to someone I hear the same damn thing, “So it’s like a cooler YouTube?” To call Viddler YouTube would be shortsighted. I’ve never really seen Viddler as a YouTube competitor. Sure, it’s an online video service, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end for me. Viddler is more like a blog community than a video sharing destination. I don’t go to Viddler to find crappy live concert videos from U2. I go to hear opinions, learn things, find new ideas… meet people. It’s all about people.

    But… If Viddler could get as big as YouTube, and maintain their vision (which I have no doubts you will), then it COULD potentially re-envision online video for the rest of us. Personally, I’d like to see that, because I’m tired of watching crappy videos of things that don’t matter. I want to see community-building videos about people and things that actually matter, or are actually entertaining.

    Keep up the good work, and know you’ve got supporters. You’ve got a good product, and an awesome vision.

    Sorry for the mini-blog post… Just been bugging me, and you had the perfect place for me to vent 🙂

  3. Rob says:

    @JCH thanks for signing up! I am going to start searching Yahoo Video Blogging groups.

    @J. Bradford you are absolutely right, IT IS ALL ABOUT PEOPLE, Our vision will never leave the path that it has built itself on. NEVER NEVER NEVER!

  4. […] Thank you everyone that is following Viddler for choosing us (considering the competition). This is extremely flattering and will keep you posted on how this growing wave of traffic continues to…. grow. […]

  5. MalkEvange says:

    Interesting article!
    Where can I find more on this theme?

  6. […] Viddler only allows upload of video for which the member owns copyright. It tends to focus on user-generated content. Viddler is a small company, and its not clear how they intend to derive revenue from their services. But small can also be an advantage. The staff and community seem friendly and attentive. While Youtube obviously offers a larger user-base, it can seem a little more impersonal. Viddler openly identifies community and its anti-piracy stance as among its core strengths. […]

  7. Alex says:

    Hi. I just wanted to know how I can get someone banned from your site. I know this is probably the wrong place, but they sent me a message about how they want to give me 12.5 million if i do a certain thing. I can post the message here if you want. I saw something like this on tv and want it to get straightened out before someone falls into their trap. their username is stell01. they claim they’re from africa, their profile says they’re from Brooklyn, and their email is a france yahoo email. If you want to see the message but don’t want me to post it, my username is OSXLeopard. They sent me two identical messages since i signed up last night. But, despite this person ruining it, i love your service and am glad to be a member.


  8. S.J.N says:

    You guys host Failblog videos. If anything, that’s enough for me.

  9. @S.J.N – very well said and see your point.

    Failblog has content that they vette themselves with their website.

    When we talk copyright.. am talking full episodes of SNL.

    Failblog pushes the limits on content but don’t believe they go over.

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