Tunneling is an essential piece of Flash Media Server if you wish to deliver everywhere. Adobe has a good article on the benefits of including this into your application.

This is a great thing to do and usually done by default from the client site but in a recent engagement I noticed an error that I have seen before with Flash Media Server installs. After diving into the issue I realized that by default FMS only installs on port 1935 if you don’t read the fine print. If you wish to support Tunneling over all the standard ports you must include while installing:

Available Ports: 1935, 443, 80

Already installed FMS and tunneling isn’t working?

Open up your fms.ini (in /conf directory) and set the following field as follows:

ADAPTOR.HOSTPORT = :1935,443,80

Restart and you should be ready to go.

Testing ports is a very easy task. The following code demonstrates how you can quickly detect if tunneling to port 80 is working (to test other ports simply replace 80 with desired port):

var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
nc.onStatus = function(info){

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39 Responses to Tunneling Flash Media Server

  1. Giles says:


    I was completely baffled as to why the SimpleConnection appeared to be failing three connections (which should have worked fine on an FMS server which was also a webserver) before I read this.

    It’s amazing that this technote doesn’t even mention this.

  2. Martin says:

    If you run Flash media server 2, what is supposed to happen when you type in http://serverIP:1935.

    I get nothing, althought the application can connect fine. The FMS server is running on my desktop PC.

    If I use the wowzamedia server it returns the wowza name on that port( not running them at the same time)

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