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Lately, I have wondered into a seemingly age-old question: PHP vs. Java. From my perspective Rapid Application Development has lead to PHP as a technology of choice for quickly getting sites up. On the other hand there is a real complaint that it is simply a scripting language. After doing some research found a couple commmon themes out there:

  • PHP & Java Both Scale
  • Java is complex – PHP can be complex but simpler to jump into
  • Java & PHP both need to be planned out for larger websites
  • PHP is much better for small websites
  • Language Shootout says Java is Faster, PHP uses less memory.

At the end of the day, it seems that the underlying technology is simply a tool and should be focused on what your developers at hand are comfortable with.


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11 Responses to PHP vs. Java

  1. Damon Cooper says:

    That’s one of the things bthat makes Adobe ColdFusion 7 great: hyper-RAD productivity in the CFML language, but real compiled Java bytecode for pure J2EE app server scalability (and you can package your app with one click as a regular J2EE app and deploy on any J2EE server (so IT folks will be happy).


  2. Rob says:

    Coldfusion 7 was not in the final running for some of our projects due to cost. Great product but nowadays the theme behind web 2.0 companies is not all about how quickly you can grow a company and script a site; it is about how you can develop something with a low-overhead and a limited budget. Those are my two cents and if I was working with CF developers probably would think about CF more seriously.

  3. In my opinion , “building a web application in Java is like killing a housefly by a Bazooka.”

    I am not saying it can not be done, all I am saying is just look at the time, cost and resources required to do that.

    No offense Java lovers, but PHP is better and getting better when it comes to Web Applications.

    FYI, Even Sun is backing PHP now 🙂

  4. I agree with Rochak, though if the housefly is carrying a deadly virus, I’d rather use the bazooka.

    I come from a C++ background (10+ years), have touched Java for a couple of desktop applications, and am currently using PHP to decouple the public front-end of a publishing platform, which is currently in Java. I could have used Java, and perhaps reused some existing code in the process, but I believe that might have taken longer.
    I will probably never consider PHP if I have to write a web-based financial application for a bank.
    Java is a beautiful language, and IMHO, like other beautiful things, it is pretty high-maintenance.
    Another project that I’m working on uses C#.NET, and of the 3 languages, I find PHP the most fun use.

  5. Krishna says:

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  6. fotograf says:

    In technology, those questions must be re-answered sometimes.

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  8. Jane Carter says:

    ColdFusion takes half the time to code and is more scalable than PHP. The only benefits which PHP have are that it is free and that it is popular.

  9. ManDan says:

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