– Syndicate any video. If you like you can post to your website.
– Bandwidth cost is on youtube
– Free
– Because it’s Flash – Advertising can be built in player and
– Email Friends from video file
– Full Screen View


– Quality of Video Stream is poor
– Community Flickrish aspects are missing.
– 100 mb upload limit and no upload tools
– Poor Security. It is progressively downloaded, which enables users to steal content via temporary internet files.

This isn’t a full review of There are many things that they are hitting on and many that they are missing. In the end the Video Blogging/Video Sharing service that will win is going to concentrate on the uploading user and subscription/advertising business model.

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2 Responses to Syndicatating Video

  1. Klim says:

    Hey Rob,

    You might like to take a look at Vidilife. 2gig limit. Pretty much the same features as YouTube and more, but also has the features you listed under cons for YouTube. They don’t use Flash either, but WMV format isn’t the prettiest thing either. I like Youtube, but the FLash quality gets me. Vidilife doesn’t have as nice interface and navigation as YouTube.

    I did a short summary on video sites at:

  2. robert says:

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