Hi There! After playing around with themes and plugins, I have finally decided on a format that works and am writing my first post. A few topics I am going to concentrate around are:

  • Technology – Whether it is the Scanner Camera Phones, wireless digital camera’s, or new software systems these things interest me and always want to discuss.
  • Macromedia Flash Media Server – Currently, I am involved with Macromedia & the launch of Flash Media Server 2. It is a very exciting server product that drives flash video & communicative applications over the web.
  • Personal – I live in a frat, am attending the number 3 party school, and will probably end up bragging about my brother, Erik, who starts for CSU.
  • Entrepreneurship – Behind my family, this is my passion. Last semester put everything into an E-Learning class involved with Flash Video and interactivating a Blue’s Clues episode for Nickelodeon. Whether it is for a large company or a small start-up the drive to innovate and make a difference is there.

So my goal here is to publish something that is true to who I am, no holds bar. I will be treating this blog as a method to express thoughts and interests. Thanks for listening!

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